The Best Hangboard You've Never Heard Of!

The Best Hangboard You've Never Heard Of!

What is the Burrito Grande?

The Burrito Grande is a brand new hangboard & training tool for climbers that merges portability and versatility.

First, let's understand why we created the Burrito.  As climbers, training is something that requires both consistency and variety to progress in.  We need consistency to develop grip and finger strength and we need variety to improve with different grip types and positions.  It is hard to maintain consistency when trying to balance work, life, travel, family and our climbing skills. Which is why it is important to be able to have an adaptable routine that allows for us to train anywhere.  

The problem with current hangboards on their market is their inherent limitations.  Currently, traditional hangboards are able to feature a variety of hold types and sizes, however must be fixed to a solid surface such as a wall; thus making it only usable in a single location. Likewise, all available portable hang boards and training tools are limited in their hold quantity and diversity which typically results in just a pinch block or crimp rail, severely limiting your training routine.  

The Burrito Grande solves this problem by taking an entire mounted hangboard and rolls it 360 degrees into a lightweight, easy to use, portable device.  The ability of the Burrito to be rotated 360 degrees effectively increases the surface area of the hangboard allowing a variety of holds including pinches, crimps, slopers, jugs, and open handed ledges into a small device that can fit into a travel bag or crag pack.

It is the only hangboard on the market that can be fully functional as a complete hangboard with a wide hold variety and fully portable.  The cordage is rated for 500lbs therefore you can hang from it, toss the cord over your feet for a seated training position, or hang weights from it. 

The Burrito will be the only hangboard you'll ever need!  

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