Drew Hulsey

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I’ve been climbing since 2019 after watching Free Solo caught my attention and introduced me to the sport of climbing. I’m based out of Nashville, TN and am a proud weekend warrior. When I’m not working my day job, you can find me at crags around the south east doing what I love while driving my converted van and climbing with my wife/climbing partner, Sarah. I started sharing my experiences as a climber of my size since I saw very few people who looked like me. I am grateful to partner with companies who share in my mission to let others know that climbing is for everybody and every body. 

Sofia Caterina

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I have been climbing for 4 years with an emphasis on bouldering.  I began climbing casually after my younger brother began climbing and convinced me that it was fun. Now it consumes my whole life!  Prior to Covid-19 I was primarily a gym climber, however when all of the gyms closed it forced me to go outside to continue pursuing my bouldering passion.  Once getting out to a few local crags I fell in love with being on real rock.  My favorite gym is Escalade in Kennesaw, GA and my favorite outdoors crags are Rocktown, GA and Pep Boys (Cumberland Boulders).  I am also a pretty serious musician and enjoying long boarding as a leisure activity.  


Riley Laney

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in 2015 I decided to leave the warm beaches of Florida, and take a trip to Colorado. With no real motive but to be surrounded by mountains, I had no clue what I wanted to do. When one day I decided to go to Garden of the Gods, I met a couple kind enough to let me give rock climbing a try. Needless to say, I fell in love. I began climbing at every gym and outdoor crag that I could find, truly embracing the “crag life”. Now six years later I moved into a travel trailer and hit the road to chase the the crimpy, ruthless, Smith Rock crag in Terrebonne, OR. I’ve been fortunate enough to climb in many areas of the U.S. however, Smith Rock holds a special place in my heart! Outside of rock climbing you can catch me snowboarding, skydiving, or simply jamming some of my favorite tunes on guitar.


Jacob Korniak

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I have been climbing for more than six years now and first discovered rock climbing and rappelling in Boy Scouts. What really sparked my interest in climbing and mountaineering was a backpacking trek through the mountains of New Mexico. I became fascinated with rock formations and snow covered peaks.  Fast forward almost 7 years and I am constantly planning trips to the Red River Gorge or new adventures around the world such as the Himalayas!  My favorite type of climbing is alpine due to the challenges it requires, the places it brings you, and the people & culture you discover along the way.